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Al Tabbaa, A and Aravinthan, T (1997) Engineered clay-shredded tyre mixtures as barrier material. In: The International Containment Technology Conference and Exhibition, 1997-2- to -- pp. 621-627..

Al Tabbaa, A and Blackwell, O and Porter, SA (1997) An investigation into the geotechnical properties of soil-tyre mixtures. Environmental Technology, 18. pp. 855-860. ISSN 0959-3330

Al Tabbaa, A and Evans, CW (1997) Medium term performance of stabilised/solidified contaminated soil-grout materials. In: The 14th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, XIV ICSMFE, 1997-9- to --, Hamburg; Germany pp. 1941-1946..

Al Tabbaa, A and Lander, SA and Evans, CW (1997) The performance of a model auger in situ in the stabilisation/solidification of a contaminated sand. Environmental Technology, 18. pp. 913-920. ISSN 0959-3330


Bolton, MD and Barefoot, AJ (1997) The variation of critical pipeline trench back-fill properties. In: Proceedings of IBC Conference on Risk-Based and Limit State Design and Operation of Pipelines, 1997-5- to --, Aberdeen, UK.

Bolton, MD and McKinley, J (1997) Geotechnical properties of fresh cement grout - pressure filtration and consolidation tests. Geotechnique, 47. pp. 347-352. ISSN 0016-8505

Brough, MJ and Al Tabbaa, A and Martin, RJ (1997) Active biofilm barriers for waste containment and bioremediation: laboratory. In: The 4th International Symposium on In-Situ and On-Site Bioremediation, 1997-4- to -- pp. 233-238..

Brough, MJ and Martin, RJ and Al Tabbaa, A (1997) Laboratory investigation of biofilm development in a clayey sand. In: The 2nd International Conference on Microorganisms in Activated Sludge and Biofilm Processes, 1997-7-21 to 1997-7-23.


Carrier, M and Soga, K (1997) A four terminal measurement system for the investigation of the dielectric properties of clay at low frequency. In: The International Conference on Geoenvironmental Engineering: Contaminated Ground: Fate of Pollutants and Remediation, 1997-9- to -- pp. 3-10..

Chan, AHC and Madabhushi, SPG (1997) Class A numerical prediction and back analyses for model No.2 and No.3 in VELACS extension project. In: The 6th Conference on Numerical Models in Geomechanics (NUMOG VI), 1997-7- to --.

Chan, AHC and Madabhushi, SPG (1997) Finite element method and centrifuge modelling of dynamic soil behaviour. In: The International Conference CMEM 97: Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements, 1997-5- to --.


Davies, RO and Bolton, MD (1997) Strength of post-liquefaction flows - a speculative velocity dependant model. In: 9th International Conference on Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics, 1997-11-2 to 1997-11-7, Wuhan, China pp. 115-122..


Evans, CW and Al Tabbaa, A (1997) Treatability study on the solidification of two soils. In: The Geoenvironmental Engineering Conference - Contaminated ground: Fate of Pollutants and Remediation, 1997-9- to -- pp. 293-298..


Greenwood, JA (1997) Adhesion of elastic spheres. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 453. pp. 1277-1297. ISSN 1364-5021

Greenwood, JA (1997) Analysis of elliptical Hertzian contacts. Tribology International, 30. pp. 235-237. ISSN 0301-679X

Greenwood, JA (1997) Contact pressures as an elastic roller crosses a scratch. JOURNAL OF APPLIED MECHANICS-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, 64. pp. 425-427. ISSN 0021-8936

Greenwood, JA and Morales-Espejel, GE (1997) The amplitude of the complementary function for wavy EHL contacts. Tribology Series, 32. pp. 307-312. ISSN 0167-8922


Johnson, KL and Greenwood, JA (1997) An Adhesion Map for the Contact of Elastic Spheres. J Colloid Interface Sci, 192. pp. 326-333.


Lynch, RJ (1997) Advances in monitoring and in-situ measurement of contaminants in soil. In: NICOLE Workshop on contaminated land monitoring and measurement, 1997-5- to --, Brighton, UK.

Lynch, RJ (1997) Detecting non-aqueous phase pollutants in soils using a probe based on refractive index changes. In: Seminar on Contaminants in Freezing Ground, 1997-7- to --, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, UK.


Madabhushi, SPG and Collison, CH and Wilmshurst, T (1997) Development of a mini electro-magnetic earthquake actuator. In: Ist International Symposium on Structures and Foundations in Civil Engineering, -- to --, Hong Kong.

Madabhushi, SPG and Peiris, LMN and Schofield, AN (1997) Seismic modeling of embankments on saturated soil deposits. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 69-78..

Mair, RJ and Chudleigh, ILJ and Tedd, P (1997) Geotechnical aspects of the reconstruction of London Underground’s Angel Station. In: Recommendations of the ERTC 9 - Bored Tunnels: Geotechnical Aspects of the Design of Shallow Bored Tunnels in Soils and Soft Rock. Ernst and Sohn, Berlin, Germany, pp. 106-117.

Mair, RJ and Taylor, RN (1997) Bored tunnelling in the urban environment (State-of-the-art report and theme lecture). In: The 14th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, 1997-9- to -- pp. 2353-2385..

McDowell, GR and Bolton, MD (1997) A micro mechanical model for overconsolidated behaviour in soils. In: 3rd International Conference on Powders and Grains, 1997-5-18 to 1997-5-22, Durham; NC, USA pp. 203-206..

Mitchell, JK and Baxter, CDP and Soga, K (1997) Time effects on the stress-deformation behavior of soils (Invited paper). In: Professor Sakuro Murayama Memorial Symposium, 1997-4- to -- pp. 1-64..


Nakagawa, K and Soga, K and Mitchell, JK (1997) Closure: Pulse transmission system for measuring wave propagation in soils. ASCE Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 123. p.884-. ISSN 0733-9410

Nakagawa, K and Soga, K and Mitchell, JK (1997) Observation of Biot compressional wave of the second kind in granular soils. Geotechnique, 47. pp. 133-148. ISSN 0016-8505


Palmer, AC and Calladine, CR and Miles, D and Kaye, D (1997) Lateral buckling of submarine pipelines. In: 20th Offshore Oil and Gas Pipeline Technology Conference, 1997-2-26 to 1997-2-28, Amsterdam, The Netherland.

Potter, LJ and Loroy, JJC and Soga, K and Savvidou, C and Gibson, RE (1997) Mineral waste disposal - numerical and centrifuge modelling. In: The 14th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, 1997-- to -- pp. 1847-1852..


Rampello, S and Viggiani, GMB and Amorosi, A (1997) Small-strain stiffness of reconstituted clay compressed along constant triaxial effective stress ratio paths. Geotechnique, 47. pp. 475-489. ISSN 0016-8505

Robertson, D and Bolton, MD (1997) Densification by the successive crushing of grains. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 439-444..

Robertson, D and Bolton, MD and McDowell, GR (1997) A numerical representation of fracturing granular materials. INT J NUMER ANAL MET, 21. pp. 825-843. ISSN 0363-9061


Soga, K (1997) Geotechnical Aspects. In: Hyogoken Nanbu (Kobe) of 17 January 1995. Institution of Structural Engineers, Chapter 8-.

Soga, K (1997) Seismological Aspects. In: Hyogoken Nanbu (Kobe) of 17 January 1995. Institution of Structural Engineers, Chapter 3-.

Soga, K and Bransby, MF and Sato, M (1997) Experimental investigation of stiffness degradation and damping behaviour of sands with different viscosity pore fluids. In: SDEE97: The Eighth International Conference on Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 1997-7-20 to 1997-7-24, Istanbul, Turkey.


Venner, CH and Couhier, F and Lubrecht, AA and Greenwood, JA (1997) Amplitude reduction of waviness in transient EHL line contacts. Tribology Series, 32. pp. 103-112. ISSN 0167-8922

Viggiani, G and Atkinson, JH (1997) Interpretation of bender element tests - Discussion. GEOTECHNIQUE, 47. pp. 873-877. ISSN 0016-8505

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