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Acerbi, L and Vijayakumar, S and Wolpert, DM (2017) Target Uncertainty Mediates Sensorimotor Error Correction. PLoS ONE, 12. e0170466-.


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Gallivan, JP and Stewart, BM and Baugh, LA and Wolpert, DM and Flanagan, JR (2017) Rapid Automatic Motor Encoding of Competing Reach Options. Cell Reports, 18. pp. 1619-1626.

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Gu, S and Lillicrap, T and Ghahramani, Z and Turner, RE and Levine, S (2017) Q-PrOP: Sample-efficient policy gradient with an off-policy critic. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Gu, S and Lillicrap, T and Ghahramani, Z and Turner, RE and Schölkopf, B and Levine, S (2017) Interpolated policy gradient: Merging on-policy and off-policy gradient estimation for deep reinforcement learning. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 3847-3856..


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Hennequin, G (2017) Neural networks subtract and conquer: Two theoretical studies reveal how networks of neurons may behave during reward-based learning. eLife, 6.

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Zhang, S and Mano, H and Lee, M and Yoshida, W and Kawato, M and Robbins, T and Seymour, B (2017) The control of tonic pain by active relief learning.

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