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Berger, GO and Forni, F and Jungers, RM Path-complete $p$-dominant switching linear systems. In: IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2018-12-16 to --. (Unpublished)

Brezas, P and Smith, MC Linear Quadratic Optimal and Risk-Sensitive Control for Vehicle Active Suspensions. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology. p. 1. ISSN 1063-6536 (Unpublished)


CastaƱos, F and Miranda-Villatoro, F and Franci, A A notion of equivalence for linear complementarity problems with application to the design of non-smooth bifurcations. (Unpublished)

Cieslar, D and Collings, N and Dickinson, P and Glover, K and Darlington, A A Novel System for Reducing Turbo-Lag by Injection of Compressed Gas into the Exhaust Manifold. In: Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress, 2013-4-16 to 2013-4-18, Detroit, Michigan, USA.. (Unpublished)


Das, A and Shivakumar, S and Weiland, S and Peet, M Representation and Stability Analysis of PDE-ODE Coupled Systems. (Unpublished)

Devane, E and Lestas, I Delay-independent stability in monotone systems. (Unpublished)

Dufresne, E and Harrington, HA and Raman, DV The geometry of sloppiness. (Unpublished)


Eele, AJ and Maciejowski, JM Sequential Monte Carlo Optimisation for Air Traffic Management. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)


Forni, F and Mauroy, A and Sepulchre, R Differential positivity characterizes one-dimensional normally hyperbolic attractors. (Unpublished)


Glover, K and Varga, A On Solving Non-Standard H-/H2/H-Infinity Fault Detection Problems. In: 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference, 2011-12-12 to 2011-12-15, Orlando, FL, USA. (Unpublished)

Grussler, C and Giselsson, P Efficient Proximal Mapping Computation for Unitarily Invariant Low-Rank Inducing Norms. (Unpublished)

Grussler, C and Rantzer, A Second-order cone certification of external positivity. (Unpublished)

Grussler, C and Sepulchre, R Strongly unimodal systems. In: European Control Conference, -- to --. (Unpublished)


Hanzon, B and Maciejowski, JM and Chou, CT Optimal H2 order-one reduction by solving eigenproblems for polynomial equations. (Unpublished)

Husch, A and Petersen, M and Gemmar, P and Mendes Silva Goncalves, JM and Sunde, N and Hertel, F Post-Operative Deep Brain Stimulation Assessment: Automatic Data Integration and Report Generation. Brain Stimulation. (Unpublished)


Kasis, A and Devane, E and Lestas, I Primary frequency regulation in power networks with ancillary service from load-side participation. In: IFAC World Congress, 2017-7-9 to 2017-7-14. (Unpublished)

Kawano, Y and Forni, F Scalable Control Design for K-positive Linear Systems. (Unpublished)

Koh, A and Vinnicombe, G On the propagation of instability in interconnected networks. In: 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2012-12-10 to 2012-12-13, Maui, Hawaii. (Unpublished)

Kousoulidis, D and Forni, F Finding cones for K-cooperative systems. In: 58th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), -- to --. (Unpublished)

Kousoulidis, D and Forni, F An Optimization Approach to Verifying and Synthesizing K-Cooperative Systems. (Unpublished)


Lecchini-Visintini, A and Lygeros, J and Maciejowski, J Simulated Annealing: Rigorous finite-time guarantees for optimization on continuous domains. (Unpublished)

Lestas, IC and Kasis, A and Monshizadeh, N and Devane, E Stability and optimality of distributed secondary frequency control schemes in power networks. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 10. pp. 1747-1761. (Unpublished)

Lestas, IC and Monshizadeh, N Secant and Popov-like Conditions in Power Network Stability. Automatica, 101. pp. 258-268. ISSN 0005-1098 (Unpublished)


Miranda-Villatoro, F and Sepulchre, R Differential dissipativity analysis of reaction-diffusion systems. (Unpublished)

Miranda-Villatoro, FA and Forni, F and Sepulchre, R Dissipativity analysis of negative resistance circuits. (Unpublished)

Miranda-Villatoro, FA and Forni, F and Sepulchre, R Dominance analysis of linear complementarity systems. In: The 23rd International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems, 2018-7-16 to 2018-7-20. (Unpublished)

Morelli, A and Smith, MC Passive Network Synthesis: An Approach to Classification. Advances in Design and Control . Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. (Unpublished)

Mostajeran, C and Grussler, C and Sepulchre, R Geometric Matrix Midranges. (Unpublished)

Mostajeran, CS and Sepulchre, R Ordering positive definite matrices. Springer Information Geometry. (Unpublished)


O'Clery, N and Yuan, Y and Stan, G-B and Barahona, M Observability and coarse graining of consensus dynamics through the external equitable partition. Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics. (Unpublished)

O'Leary, TS Cosyne workshop on sloppy models in systems neuroscience. In: Cosyne, 2016-2-27 to 2016-3-2, Salt Lake City, Utah. (Unpublished)

Ojo, Y and Schiffer, J Towards a time-domain modelling framework for small-signal analysis of unbalanced microgrids. In: 12th IEEE PES PowerTech Conference, Manchester, United Kingdom, 2017-12-20 to --. (Unpublished)

Ojo, Y and Watson, J and Lestas, I A Review of Reduced-Order Models for Microgrids: Simplifications vs Accuracy. (Unpublished)

Olsman, N and Forni, F Antithetic integral feedback for the robust control of monostable and oscillatory biomolecular circuits. (Unpublished)


Padoan, A and Forni, F and Sepulchre, R The $\mathcal{H}_{\infty,p}$ norm as the differential $\mathcal{L}_{2,p}$ gain of a $p$-dominant system. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Pates, R and Vinnicombe, G Stability Certificates for Networks of Heterogeneous Linear Systems. In: 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2012-12-10 to 2012-12-13, Maui, Hawaii. (Unpublished)

Pottelbergh, TV and Drion, G and Sepulchre, R From biophysical to integrate-and-fire modelling. (Unpublished)

Proverbio, D and Kemp, F and Magni, S and Husch, AD and Aalto, A and Mombaerts, L and Skupin, A and Goncalves, J and Ameijeiras-Alonso, J and Ley, C Assessing suppression strategies against epidemic outbreaks like COVID-19: the SPQEIR model. MedRxiv. (Unpublished)


Raman, DV and Anderson, J and Papachristodoulou, A Delineating Parameter Unidentifiabilities in Complex Models. Phys. Rev. E, 95. 032314-. (Unpublished)

Rule, ME and Loback, AR and Raman, D and Driscoll, LN and Harvey, CD and O'Leary, T Stable task information from an unstable neural population. eLife, 9. (Unpublished)


Sepulchre, R Geometric distance between positive definite matrices of different dimensions. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. ISSN 0018-9448 (Unpublished)

Sepulchre, RJC and Baggio, G and Ferrante, A Conal Distances Between Rational Spectral Densities. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control. ISSN 0018-9286 (Unpublished)

Shivakumar, S and Das, A and Peet, MM PIETOOLS: A Matlab Toolbox for Manipulation and Optimization of Partial Integral Operators. (Unpublished)

UNSPECIFIED Force-controlling mechanical device. doi:.

Smith, MC The inerter: a retrospective. Annual Reviews in Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems, 3. pp. 361-391. ISSN 1367-5788 (Unpublished)


Thunberg, J and Markdahl, J and Mendes Silva Goncalves, JM Dynamic controllers for column synchronization of rotation matrices: a QR-factorization approach. Automatica. (Unpublished)


Valmorbida, G and Raman, D and Anderson, J Bounds for Input- and State-to-Output Properties of Uncertain Linear Systems. (Unpublished)

Van Pottelbergh, T and Drion, G and Sepulchre, R Robust modulation of integrate-and-fire models. Neural Computation. (Unpublished)


Wang, L and Forni, F and Ortega, R and Liu, Z and Su, H Immersion and Invariance Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems via Virtual and Horizontal Contraction. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control. (Unpublished)


Yan, L and Zhang, H-T and Goncalves, J and Xiao, Y and Wang, M and Guo, Y and Sun, C and Tang, X and Jing, L and Zhang, M and Huang, X and Xiao, Y and Cao, H and Chen, Y and Ren, T and Wang, F and Xiao, Y and Huang, S and Tan, X and Huang, N and Jiao, B and Cheng, C and Zhang, Y and Luo, A and Mombaerts, L and Jin, J and Cao, Z and Li, S and Xu, H and Yuan, Y An interpretable mortality prediction model for COVID-19 patients. Nature Machine Intelligence. (Unpublished)

Yuan, X and Glover, K Model Refinement for the Active Control of Thermoacoustic Instability. In: 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference, 2011-12-12 to 2011-12-15, Orlando, FL, USA. (Unpublished)


Zhang, H-T and Stan, G-B and Chen, MZ and Maciejowski, JM and Zhou, T Improving the consensus performance via predictive mechanisms. (Unpublished)

Zhang, T and Chen, S-X and Gooi, HB and Maciejowski, JM A Hierarchical EMS for Aggregated BESSs in Energy and Performance-based Regulation Markets. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. (Unpublished)

Zhou, D and Ling, KV and Ho, WK and Maciejowski, JM Moving Horizon Estimation for ARMAX process with t-Distribution Noise. (Unpublished)

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