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Allwood, JM and Tekkaya, AE (2018) The Journal of Materials Processing Technology 2007-17. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 251. pp. 387-388. ISSN 0924-0136

Benedetti, M and Cesarotti, V and Introna, V (2018) From energy targets setting to energy-aware operations control and back: An advanced methodology for energy efficient manufacturing. Journal of Cleaner Production, 167. pp. 1518-1533. ISSN 0959-6526

Biswas, PP and Suganthan, PN and Amaratunga, GAJ (2018) Decomposition based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for windfarm layout optimization. Renewable Energy, 115. pp. 326-337. ISSN 0960-1481

Biswas, PP and Suganthan, PN and Mallipeddi, R and Amaratunga, GAJ (2018) Optimal power flow solutions using differential evolution algorithm integrated with effective constraint handling techniques. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 68. pp. 81-100. ISSN 0952-1976

Dababneh, O and Kipouros, T (2018) A review of aircraft wing mass estimation methods. Aerospace Science and Technology, 72. pp. 256-266. ISSN 1270-9638

Das, S and Ronan, W and Wadley, HNG and Deshpande, VS (2018) Penetration of confined ceramics targets. Extreme Mechanics Letters, 18. pp. 45-57. ISSN 2352-4316

Ding, M and Wonfor, A and Cheng, Q and Penty, RV and White, IH (2018) Hybrid MZI-SOA InGaAs/InP photonic integrated switches. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 24. ISSN 0792-1233

Doan, NAK and Swaminathan, N and Minamoto, Y (2018) DNS of MILD combustion with mixture fraction variations. Combustion and Flame, 189. pp. 173-189. ISSN 0010-2180

Franza, A and Marshall, AM (2018) Centrifuge modeling study of the response of piled structures to tunneling. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 144. ISSN 1090-0241

Ghirardo, G and Juniper, MP and Bothien, MR (2018) The effect of the flame phase on thermoacoustic instabilities. Combustion and Flame, 187. pp. 165-184. ISSN 0010-2180

Ghisu, T and Puddu, P and Cambuli, F and Mandas, N and Seshadri, P and Parks, GT (2018) Discussion on “Performance analysis of Wells turbine blades using the entropy generation minimization method” by Shehata, A. S., Saqr, K. M., Xiao, Q., Shahadeh, M. F. and Day, A. Renewable Energy, 118. pp. 386-392. ISSN 0960-1481

Goel, A and Uth, T and Liu, T and Wadley, HNG and Deshpande, VS (2018) Coupled discrete/continuum simulations of the impact of granular slugs with clamped beams: Stand-off effects. Mechanics of Materials, 116. pp. 90-103. ISSN 0167-6636

Grupp, A and Budweg, A and Fischer, MP and Allerbeck, J and Soavi, G and Leitenstorfer, A and Brida, D (2018) Broadly tunable ultrafast pump-probe system operating at multi-kHz repetition rate. JOURNAL OF OPTICS, 20. ISSN 2040-8978

Gungor, ZE and Evans, S (2018) Understanding the hidden cost and identifying the root causes of changeover impacts. Journal of Cleaner Production, 167. pp. 1138-1147. ISSN 0959-6526

Görke, RH and Hu, W and Dunstan, MT and Dennis, JS and Scott, SA (2018) Exploration of the material property space for chemical looping air separation applied to carbon capture and storage. Applied Energy, 212. pp. 478-488. ISSN 0306-2619

Gümüsay, AA and Bohné, TM (2018) Individual and organizational inhibitors to the development of entrepreneurial competencies in universities. Research Policy, 47. pp. 363-378. ISSN 0048-7333

Hawes, DH and Langley, RS (2018) Analysis of the power flow in nonlinear oscillators driven by random excitation using the first Wiener kernel. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 412. pp. 256-269. ISSN 0022-460X

Kyner, A and Dharmasena, K and Williams, K and Deshpande, V and Wadley, HNG (2018) High intensity impact of granular matter with edge-clamped ductile plates. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 111. pp. 106-129. ISSN 0734-743X

Langley, RS and Cicirello, A and Deckers, E (2018) The effect of generalised force correlations on the response statistics of a harmonically driven random system. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 413. pp. 456-466. ISSN 0022-460X

Ledwoch, A and Yasarcan, H and Brintrup, A (2018) The moderating impact of supply network topology on the effectiveness of risk management. International Journal of Production Economics, 197. pp. 13-26. ISSN 0925-5273

Magri, L and O'Brien, J and Ihme, M (2018) Effects of Nozzle Helmholtz Number on Indirect Combustion Noise by Compositional Perturbations. Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 140. ISSN 0742-4795

Mantilaka, MMMGPG and De Silva, RT and Ratnayake, SP and Amaratunga, G and de Silva, KMN (2018) Photocatalytic activity of electrospun MgO nanofibres: Synthesis, characterization and applications. Materials Research Bulletin, 99. pp. 204-210. ISSN 0025-5408

Montali, J and Overend, M and Pelken, PM and Sauchelli, M (2018) Knowledge-Based Engineering in the design for manufacture of prefabricated façades: current gaps and future trends. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 14. pp. 78-94. ISSN 1745-2007

Morioka, SN and Bolis, I and Evans, S and Carvalho, MM (2018) Transforming sustainability challenges into competitive advantage: Multiple case studies kaleidoscope converging into sustainable business models. Journal of Cleaner Production, 167. pp. 723-738. ISSN 0959-6526

Opoku, A and Guthrie, P (2018) Education for sustainable development in the built environment. International Journal of Construction Education and Research, 14. pp. 1-3. ISSN 1557-8771

Pan, J and Wei, C and Wang, L and Zhuang, J and Huang, Q and Su, W and Cui, Z and Nathan, A and Lei, W and Chen, J (2018) Boosting the efficiency of inverted quantum dot light-emitting diodes by balancing charge densities and suppressing exciton quenching through band alignment. Nanoscale, 10. pp. 592-602.

Pangovski, K and Teh, PS and Lin, D and Alam, S and Richardson, DJ and O Neill, W (2018) Pulse energy packing effects on material transport during laser processing of < 1. Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing, 124. ISSN 0947-8396

Raina, A and Deshpande, VS and Fleck, NA (2018) Analysis of thermal desorption of hydrogen in metallic alloys. Acta Materialia, 144. pp. 777-785. ISSN 1359-6454

Readman, J and Bessant, J and Neely, A and Twigg, D (2018) Positioning UK research and technology organizations as outward-facing technology-bases. R and D Management, 48. pp. 109-120. ISSN 0033-6807

Shishvan, SS and McMeeking, RM and Pollock, TM and Deshpande, VS (2018) Discrete dislocation plasticity analysis of the high-temperature cyclic response of composites. Materials Science and Engineering A, 712. pp. 714-719. ISSN 0921-5093

Sorianello, V and Midrio, M and Contestabile, G and Asselberghs, I and Van Campenhout, J and Huyghebaert, C and Goykhman, I and Ott, AK and Ferrari, AC and Romagnoli, M (2018) Graphene-silicon phase modulators with gigahertz bandwidth. Nature Photonics, 12. pp. 40-44. ISSN 1749-4885

Ullrich, WC and Mahmoudi, Y and Lackhove, K and Fischer, A and Hirsch, C and Sattelmayer, T and Dowling, AP and Swaminathan, N and Sadiki, A and Staufer, M (2018) Prediction of Combustion Noise in a Model Combustor Using a Network Model and a LNSE Approach. Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 140. ISSN 0742-4795

Wang, B and Tan, D and Lee, TL and Khong, JC and Wang, F and Eskin, D and Connolley, T and Fezzaa, K and Mi, J (2018) Ultrafast synchrotron X-ray imaging studies of microstructure fragmentation in solidification under ultrasound. Acta Materialia, 144. pp. 505-515. ISSN 1359-6454

Wu, J-Y and Chun, YT and Li, S and Zhang, T and Wang, J and Shrestha, PK and Chu, D (2018) Broadband MoS2 Field-Effect Phototransistors: Ultrasensitive Visible-Light Photoresponse and Negative Infrared Photoresponse. Adv Mater.

Zhong, Z and Chudy, M and Ruiz, HS and Zhang, X and Coombs, T (2018) Corrigendum to “Critical current studies of a HTS rectangular coil” [Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications 536 (2017) 18–25] (S0921453417301090) (10.1016/j.physc.2017.03.008)). Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, 544. 55-. ISSN 0921-4534

Conference or Workshop Item

Ahmad, BI and Langdon, PM and Skrypchuk, L and Godsill, SJ (2018) How does eye-gaze relate to gesture movement in an automotive pointing task? In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 423-434..

Delfanazari, K and Puddy, R and Ma, P and Yi, T and Cao, M and Gul, Y and Farrer, I and Ritchie, D and Joyce, H and Kelly, M and Smith, C (2018) Periodic Magnetoconductance oscillation in hybrid Nb-2DEG-Nb ballistic Josephson junctions. In: American Physical Society March Meeting, 2018-3-5 to 2018-3-9, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Langdon, P and Politis, I and Bradley, M and Skrypchuk, L and Mouzakitis, A and Clarkson, J (2018) Obtaining design requirements from the public understanding of driverless technology. In: Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, 2017-7-17 to 2017-7-21, Los Angeles pp. 749-759..

Politis, I and Langdon, P and Bradley, M and Skrypchuk, L and Mouzakitis, A and Clarkson, PJ (2018) Designing autonomy in cars: A survey and two focus groups on driving habits of an inclusive user group, and group attitudes towards autonomous cars. In: Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, 2017-7-17 to 2017-7-21, Los Angeles pp. 161-173..

Skrypchuk, L and Langdon, P and Mouzakitis, A and Clarkson, PJ (2018) How does awareness affect performance in an automotive dual task condition? In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 395-406..

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